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A lot of people think it’s a good idea, in theory. They question whether it is useful enough yet to be worth learning now. If 100 000 000 people spoke Esperanto, it would be an important world language. By many calculations, it would be one of the top ten of more than 6000 languages in the world. Of the top ten, it would be the only one that was intended for international use. It would also be, by far, the easiest to learn.

Today, maybe two million people speak Esperanto. Obviously, if 100 000 000 people spoke it, a lot more people would want to learn it. We think 100 000 000 speakers might give it a critical mass. More and more people would learn it, making it more and more useful, and so even more and more people would learn it. And so on.

Do you think that, if 100 000 000 people already spoke it, Esperanto might eventually become the most commonly studied language in the world?

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