Promise Project (5 of 8)

A lot of people think it’s a good idea, but most don’t want to learn it now because so few people speak it. If 100 000 000 people learn Esperanto it will become an important world language. By many calculations, with 100 000 000 speakers, it would be one of the top ten of more than 6000 languages in the world. If it gets that far, it will really stand out. Of the top ten it would be the only one that was planned and intended for international use. It would also be ten times easier-to-learn than the other nine. We think that a lot more people would then be interested in learning it. More people learning it would make it even more useful so that even more people would learn it, making it even more useful so still more people would learn it, and so on. 

Do you think, if it gets that far, if it becomes one of the top ten languages of the world, that it might eventually become the most commonly studied one?

Yes No