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Esperanto is a language different from most in that it was carefully planned to be as easy-as-possible to learn. It can be mastered in a fraction of the time required for other languages. It was introduced with the hope that it would be studied worldwide as a common second language so that people could communicate with others across any and all borders.

More than 80% of the world’s population cannot speak English. More than half cannot speak any of the the six official languages of the United Nations.

CIA World Factbook – Languages

Most of the world’s population is shut out of personally participating in the international community. Wanting to communicate internationally, hundreds of millions of people spend years struggling to learn a difficult major language. Even then, they are often only haltingly able to use that language with its native speakers. The privileged native speakers haven’t had to extend themselves at all. The current reality is, at minimum, unfair and at maximum, catastrophic. Wars have been begun over language differences.

The dream of Esperanto is that around the world everyone learns their parents’ language and the neutral international language, Esperanto. Using Esperanto, no matter where they come from, no matter where they go, people could talk to each other. They would meet as linguistic equals using the linguistic equivalent of a handshake. Having spent the relatively short time required to learn this common world language, they have each reached out halfway.

Esperanto was originally the invention of one man from the city of Białystok (now Poland), who introduced it in 1887. Today, the World Esperanto Association, with headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands, has members around the world. Among them are over 1500 delegates–local contacts for Esperanto speakers–living in more than 100 countries. Read more about Esperanto.


Esperanto Antaŭen (meaning Esperanto Forward) is a registered Canadian not-for-profit business professionally promoting Esperanto. Propono 2024 (Proposal 2024) is a three-part action plan to turn the dream of Esperanto into reality. Our goal is to make Esperanto a major world language within ten years. Read more

The project will ultimately employ thousands of people. We invite Esperanto-speaking activists who want to work on the project to contact us. Our first goal is to raise one hundred thousand dollars before the 2024 Esperanto World Congress (August 3 – 10 in Arusha, Tanzania). Click DONATE NOW and help us reach that goal.



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