Propono 2024

Perhaps two million people speak Esperanto now. That is indeed a beginning.

Propono 2024 is a plan to get at least one hundred million people speaking Esperanto within ten years. We believe that reaching one hundred million speakers could put us at the tipping point. With 100 million speakers, Esperanto would be a major world language, useful enough to attract an ever increasing number of students, thereby making it more and more useful and worth learning. Esperanto could become the most commonly spoken language on the planet.

Propono 2024 has three main parts:

  • Hire, train and pay thousands of people to work full-time professionally promoting Esperanto. Read more.
  • Collect promises from people to commit to learn Esperanto after one hundred million promises have been collected. Read more.
  • Make minor changes to improve and standardize the language in preparation for the day when tens of millions of people will start learning New Standard Esperanto at the same time. Read more.

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