Promeso (Promise)

Mi promesas lerni la internacian lingvon, Esperanto post kiam 100 000 000 personoj faras ĉi tiun promeson.

I promise to learn the international language, Esperanto, after 100 000 000 people make this promise.

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(I understand that I will be sent one email message to confirm receipt of my promise.)

Elektu kontakt-ofteco. (Choose contact frequency.)
(to inform me about events and important news from the Esperanto movement.)
(each month with news from Esperanto Antaŭen projects and the Esperanto movement.)
(rarely, only when major milestones are reached (10 000, … 1 000 000 etc).)

Vi baldaŭ ricevos retmesaĝon kiu konfirmas nian ricevon de via promeso.

You will soon receive an email which confirms that we received your promise.