Re: Esperanto Antaŭen’s Promise Project – Welcome!  

You are receiving this message because you were recently added to our list of people who promised to learn the international language, Esperanto, after one hundred million people have made the same promise. Thank you for your promise.

At the first World Esperanto Congress in 1905, hundreds of Esperanto speakers met for the first time. Although they came from many linguistic and ethnic backgrounds, they met, not as foreigners nor as competitors, but as members of the same human family, united by a common language. The common language which they shared was not a language imposed upon them by a colonial power, nor was it the native language of a privileged minority. It was a language that they had freely chosen to learn and, in learning it, they had irrefutably demonstrated their willingness to reach out halfway and meet each other as equals.
Those early pioneers were inspired by a dream of a better world. The same dream is still inspiring people today. Esperanto Antaŭen (meaning Esperanto Forward) is a Canadian not-for-profit business founded to professionally promote Esperanto (visit our English Website at ea-mondo.org). The Promise Project is one part of a three-part action plan to turn the dream into reality. Our goal is to make Esperanto a major world language within ten years. Read more.

We will hire and train teams of enthusiasts to not only promote Esperanto and collect promises, but also to teach it and grow its existing community. We believe that the value of a neutral international language justifies hiring thousands of people. We are raising funds now to begin hiring the first teams in 2024. Read more.

The language has worked as intended for more than 100 years. In that time, some of its speakers have proposed minor changes to update it, as well as to make it even easier to learn. Some of these suggestions come from languages with which the original author of Esperanto was not familiar. We are working within the Esperanto-speaking community to consider these proposals. We want New Standard Esperanto ready to be taught worldwide after the 100 millionth promise has been collected. Read more.

What you can do now: 

Collect Promises – Our goal is one hundred million promises. Help us reach this goal by sharing the link ea-mondo.org/e1 with anyone who can read English. (Contact us for links in other languages.) Or, in person, give a brief introduction and ask permission to ask a few questions. Open the webpage ea-mondo.org/e1 and read the first question. Enter the person’s answer and continue. At the seventh question, this person will often answer “Yes.” Collect their promise on the following page.  

Start Learning Esperanto – Join the community of Esperanto speakers even before the end of the Promise collection. Esperanto Antaŭen will soon be offering in-person and live online lessons. Meanwhile, lernu.net is a website that offers Esperanto lessons in 39 languages.

Invest in the Future – At Esperanto Antaŭen, we believe that our three-part action plan has the potential to significantly change the world for the better. A major factor determining how long it will take will be how many people we can hire, train and employ. Your donations will make it happen sooner. Click here to DONATE.

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