Promise Project (6 of 8)

Many people around the world like the idea of an easy-to-learn, neutral, international language, but don’t want to waste time learning a language that hardly anyone speaks. So, instead of asking people to learn Esperanto now, when its usefulness is limited, we are asking people to promise to learn Esperanto after one hundred million people make the same promise. After we have collected one hundred million promises, we will contact everyone to let them know that we reached our goal and tell them how they can join the many millions of people learning Esperanto at the same time. We believe that after we get the first hundred million, more and more people will choose to learn Esperanto because it will be an important world language which can be quickly learned.

In the language, the word “Esperanto” means “someone hoping”. With the strategy of first collecting promises, we think we have a good chance to turn the hope into reality.

Do you think this is a good strategy?

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