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We have skipped a few pages because you already know a lot about Esperanto. The question on this page assumes that you already know that Esperanto was introduced to bridge the language barrier with the hope that it would be studied worldwide and become a common second language for everyone. Although it was originally the invention of one man, today it is a fully functioning living language. Perhaps a million people have already learned it. There are thousands of books, thousands of songs, thousands of you tube videos and other films in Esperanto. There are more than a million websites with at least some Esperanto, and over 250 000 Wikipedia articles. The World Esperanto Association has members in 120 countries, and delegates, who will help Esperanto-speaking travellers, in more than 800 cities.

If throughout the world, people learned their parents’ language and Esperanto (an easy-to-learn neutral language), then no matter where people come from, no matter where they go, people could talk to each other. That is the idea that inspired the creation of Esperanto and inspires most who use it today. Do you think it is a good idea?

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