Esperanto Antaŭen products

  1. Esperanto: A Language for the Global Village
  2. Landoj de la Mondo (Countries of the World)
  3. LUDU kaj LERNU (PLAY and LEARN)

1.  Esperanto: A Language for the Global Village – A book by Sylvan Zaft ($20)

All around the world men and women face the challenge of communication with people who speak a different language. Enormous sums are spent on foreign-language education and on interpreters and translators. Unfortunately translators frequently mistranslate and the vast majority of those who spend years studying a foreign language never reach the point where they are able to read a newspaper article or carry on a normal conversation as they can in their native tongue.

In Esperanto: A Language for the Global Village, Sylvan Zaft discusses a proposed solution, a language which was planned to be learned in months instead of years. He discusses the features of Esperanto which make it much easier to learn than national languages, and he describes the rich international culture and literature that has been created by the relatively small but vibrant worldwide Esperanto-speaking community.

2.  Landoj de la Mondo – A world map with all country names in Esperanto ($10)

3.  LUDU kaj LERNU 1

LUDU kaj LERNU 1 is the first of a series of card games intended to make learning Esperanto easy and fun. The game requires players to ask and answer questions while searching for pairs of cards similar to the popular children’s game “Fish”. One card of each pair has a question the second has information. In learning to play, students will learn 92 Esperanto morphemes (vocabulary items). Playing the game reinforces the players memories and helps them become comfortable using these morphemes. The 92 morphemes used in the game represent about 20% of the  Esperanto Antaŭen Basic List. Words created from the morphemes on the basic list account for 95% of spoken Esperanto.