Most Tuesday evenings a small group of people who speak or are interested in Esperanto meet upstairs (wheelchair accessible) at the Strathcona Library 8331 104 St NW (everyone welcome) – A small contribution to help cover room costs appreciated but not necessary.



November 20, 2018 – 6:30 pm Esperanto Film Night  –  Tero el Maro (Land from the Sea)

Riverbend Library (460 Riverbend Square, Rabbit Hill Road and Terwillegar Drive)

  • Learn more about Esperanto and enjoy an Esperanto film. Translation of key points will be provided but the film footage is spectacular by itself.
  • Tero el Maro is a film which documents the creation of the island of Surtsey. Even without understanding a word, viewers will enjoy the spectacular footage of the undersea volcanic eruption and flowing lava on the growing island.


December 11, 2018 – 7:00 pm Esperanto Music Night – Just listen or join the sing-a-long (group Karaoke)

Strathcona Library (8331 104 St NW) 2nd floor (wheelchair accessible)

  • Esperanto music and literature are two aspects of what is without question the most internationally representative culture of any language on the planet.
  • On December 11, after a short introduction to Esperanto (including a pronunciation lesson) we will be listening to, and singing along with, a selection of translated and original Esperanto songs from around the world.


January 8, 2019 – 6:30  First lesson of 10 week course: Esperanto in Ten Lessons  ($200 for non members)

Location to be announced

  • This course will be taught using Esperanto Antaŭen’s latest teaching materials and an understanding of the science of memory. Students will become comfortable carrying on normal conversations in Esperanto. The vocabulary taught in this course includes the morphemes (words or parts of words) used to create 95% of normal spoken and written Esperanto.