Most Tuesday evenings a small group of people who speak or are interested in Esperanto meet upstairs at 10865 96 St – A small contribution to help cover room costs appreciated but not necessary.



What: Information Night and Free First Lesson

When: Wednesday February 20– 7:00 pm

Where: Upstairs at 10865 96 St.

Becoming fluent in another languages means learning to use thousands of new words. In most languages that means learning thousands of vocabulary items. Esperanto is different. Thousands of Esperanto words are created from just hundreds of vocabulary items. (To better understanding how this is possible visit the page Word Building in Esperanto.) Studies have discovered that 95% of spoken Esperanto can be understood after mastering less than 500 morphemes (vocabulary items). We invite you to come on February 20 and learn 20% of the morphemes needed for fluency in Esperanto.