Beginning in January 2019, we will be offering courses for people interested in learning Esperanto.

“Esperanto: Fluency in Ten Lessons” aims to make fluent speakers from complete beginners in only ten lessons. In Esperanto, it really is possible. Very few in the world, and none of the currently active group of fluent Esperanto speakers in Edmonton have had more than ten lessons of formal instruction. (To better understand how this is possible visit the “WHAT MAKES IT SO EASY?” section of the “More about Esperanto” page of this website.

Payment options:

  • $200 – one time payment (includes one year’s membership in the Edmonton Esperanto Antaŭen Group),
  • $20/month – become a member of the Edmonton Esperanto Antaŭen Group,
  • Volunteer time – Help with the work of Esperanto Antaŭen.


To register your interest in a course (Thursday evening, Saturday morning, or some other timeslot) follow this link.