Welcome to the English homepage of EA-Mondo (Esperanto Antaŭen – World).


Esperanto – La ĉef-retejo de Esperanto Antaŭen en Esperanto:  ea-centro.org

Français – L’association canadienne d’espéranto:  esperanto.ca

For other languages and activities in other countries visit the website of the World Esperanto Association: uea.org



Esperanto Antaŭen (meaning Esperanto Forward) is a not for profit business based in Edmonton Alberta Canada aiming to professionally promote Esperanto.



Esperanto is a language different from most in that it was carefully planned to be as easy-as-possible to learn and introduced with the hope that it would be studied worldwide and become a common second language for the world. (Click on the link above for More about Esperanto.)



Edmonton is the home city of Esperanto Antaŭen and it is in Edmonton that we are developing and testing approaches to promote and teach Esperanto. Edmonton is in the heart of English-speaking North America. Go 1000 kilometers in any direction and almost everyone you meet will speak English. If Esperanto can be successfully promoted in Edmonton, we think it can be successfully promoted in most of the rest of the world.

Esperanto speakers and those interested in Esperanto are welcome to join us most Tuesday evenings, from 6:30 – 8:30 upstairs at the Strathcona Library (8331 104 St NW).

Free information night and first lesson

On Tuesday October 30 – 6:30 pm upstairs at the Strathcona Library (8331 104 St NW).

The typical student will become comfortable with 92 of the 452 vocabulary items on the Esperanto Antaŭen Basic List (click “Basic List” on the menu at the top of this page). Research indicates that mastering these vocabulary items will enable you to understand about 90% of everyday Esperanto and put you well along the road to becoming a fluent speaker.